Saturday, June 17, 2023

You are the creator of your destiny


On this birthday i want to remind you to dream big and follow your dreams.Only you can give them life.Everyone here is going towards the same goal/perfection in one way or the other.Ignore their negatives and take calculated risks.Here is my journey so far and i have failed in it several times.

I am middle class kid from a small town

I have become a Software Architect

I have lived my dollar dreams in USA

Returned to India with even bigger dreams

And to serve the country which has given me everything

I have become a world renowned trainer

I have started One Village One India Trust

I am homeschooling my kids

I travel the world

I am a Indian Government Certified Yoga Teacher

I am a Entrepreneur,Filmmaker and Actor

Way to go and a lot more to learn and share.Feel free to contact me if you need any guidance/help.Faith in god and faith in self, that is the secret of greatness.

Thank You All,
Bharath Thippireddy