Tuesday, April 15, 2014

About Bharath Thippireddy

Bharath Thippireddy is an entrepreneur,software architect and public speaker while teaching over 35000+ students on Udemy.

He is a Sun Certified Developer, Web Component Developer, Business Component Developer, Web Services Developer.

While working for companies like Oracle, HP, TCS, Siemens and NCR he has architected applications using Java, JEE, Java Script and SOA technologies.

He loves learning new things both in technology and personal development and shares them on YouTube and his web site - "Sharing is learning!”. He have mentored students in class room trainings as well as in the corporate world both in India as well as in USA.

He has spoken on technical topics at several agile conferences. While in India he also voluntarily teaches interview and soft skills at Vivekananda Kendra.

You can follow his adventures on YouTube,Instagram and Facebook Page.

"To be born an as human is one great thing.A greater purpose or experience is to serve an other". One Village One India Is our Non Profit through which we do that.