Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Live life your way consciousl​y

In between every sunrise and sunset a day in our life flies by. Like a river that flows not caring for the beautiful flowers that fall in it and the industrial junk that gets in to it, time and life do not stop or wait no matter how excited you are or how dejected you feel. We can go with the flow. We can swim against the flow and take the blow. Or become self aware, figure out what we want to be and change our current situation to make the best out of this life.

Beating the current average life span, let’s assume that we are going to live for hundred years. Out of those hundred the first twenty will go in to childhood while we were pampered by our parents and disciplined by our teachers and that crazy teenage. Fifty years in sleep. Yes unless you work for an IT firm in the day and drive a cab in the night, you sleep half the time. The rest thirty years is when we actually live reacting to the internal urges and external forces. Like a bug struck on it’s back struggling to get back on its feet, we are all caught up in the same vicious cycle doing the same thing each day. We buy what the neighbor bought or we travel where a colleague did. Nothing is planned here, it just happens. We crazily compete for a few years. Instead of doing what we really love, we get busy keeping our inner senses and outer attachments happy. Eventually we look back to realize that it was temporary happiness. We then end up accepting what life throws at us and go with the flow.

Like a day filled with sun light and darkness, so is life with happy and tough times. When it poses a question at us, instead of trying to get to the root cause, we use the knowledge gained over the years to get out of the problem immediately. Sometimes it works and sometimes it does not. And when it doesn’t, we blame others or play ignorant as if nothing happened. This often is a result of lack of courage to face the truth. Convincing ourselves with the false beliefs, we can go to any extent trying to prove we are correct. The true feelings suppressed will eventually explode or come back in short bursts disturbing our lives constantly. This is swimming against the flow.

For Example:

When you are not happy with your employer you can work on improving your skills and switch to a different one. But you choose to ignore the facts and keep complaining. Since you are not happy and you will not put your 100% to work there will be a day when you or your employer has to face the axe. And then your world turns upside down. This is nothing but the burst of the suppressed emotions which is not good for either party.

Stop looking outside for answers and start asking yourself why you are doing what you do each day and this very second. Spend time away from the crowd and do some introspection. Now assume that you are going to live only for a week and list the things you would do in those seven days. Make these your goals and come up with short term and long term plans to achieve these goals. What ever happened in the past is over. Develop the courage to accept the truth, to ask for forgiveness and the strength to forgive others. Nothing is final. The word Change means 'a passing from one phase to another’. Accept that it will take time to change. Pull your strengths together and plan your next steps and execute them one at a time. Believe that you are here for a reason. Build those strong principles from your true self and stick to them. You will be able to change the flow of this life for the success of yours and others. Live the current moment and leap to the next one consciously .
Don’t just let your life happen, you make it happen.