Sunday, November 20, 2011

7 steps to go Onsite/Abroad on your job

1) The 'WHY' is important?

Either quick money or exploring the planet, there is a reason why you want to travel abroad and it is important to develop clarity on this WHY. Knowing WHY will help you set your goals and also choose your path to go abroad. Here is my article on choosing your path.

2) Know the two types of companies

Companies like Tata Consultancy Services will assure onsite opportunities with in a certain time period. Ask them clearly during the interview about their onsite rotation schedule and how long it will take for you to get there.

The second kind of companies have good enough workforce employed abroad and their offshore base is mainly to get the work done for cheaper. These companies send you abroad on short trips which can range from a couple of weeks to six months.

If your goal is to go abroad on lengthy trips then you should choose the former.

3) Make your Onsite goal time constricted

Talk to you manager and understand how things work at your organization. Set up your goals and deadlines by which your company should start processing your visa. Read my article on life space analysis and goal setting.

4) Learn and Share Something New Everyday

Work on your technical and interpersonal skills that will help you once you are onsite and also your career long term. Even when you are onsite make this a habit. While it is easy to get lost in your daily work schedule, it is important to stay up to date with the happenings outside. Sharing what you have learnt will not only give you instant feedback but also helps improve your presentation skills.

This will help you create opportunities for yourself in the worse of market situations.

5) Follow up with your Manager

Talk to your manager on a regular basis. Choose a good time to talk .Start of the week and early mornings are good.Know the current context of his life and work to determine a good time. Give him a hint thorough your email subject on what you want to talk about (going onsite etc).Forget about the bossy image and talk to him like you talk to any other human :)

6) Embrace the change and it will never embrace you

The respect at work, the praise from your manager, the technologies you work on only matter as long as you have inner peace and they help meet your short and long term goals. If they can not keep their word you should move on. To a different team or to a different company which can meet your goals as you meet theirs. The relationship between you and your company is not beyond a fifteen day or a months notice. Remember they will do the same when they can’t keep you anymore for business reasons.

Never get frustrated and learn from your experience to improvise at your new work place.

7) Leave on a good note

This is a small world and your manager today can be your CEO tomorrow or your lead today might work for your startup later. Yes there are politics, yes they play games but no you should never play the blame game and always leave them on a good note. If not, just leave.

To end it on a philosophical note - Live this moment happily, keep doing all that you can with determination, help others and you will discover the real magic. Things will happen!