Friday, May 14, 2010

From a Fresher to a Fresher

Dear Fresher,

The confusion that fills your mind after the farewell party and accompanies you out of the college is not something you are let alone in to.Everyone one including me went through it and this is just an attempt to make things better for you.

Like the schools that have ranges in donations for a LKG seat every company has its own range of percentages for us to get an interview call.For example companies like TCS are ok with 60 percent and sometimes even 50 percent.Oracle might demand 70 percent and an other Miracle might even expect 80 percent.

Now let me Divide the Made in India students in to classes to conquer the topic...

Those who score 70 to 100 percent fall under the A Class

Most of them make it to the on campus interviews and grab offers , unless the job markets are really screwed up.And the rest would make it to GATE,CAT,GRE etc.Otherwise they are really screwed up.

60 to 70 percent fall in to the B Class

Hard workers among these will make it to companies like TCS and rest in to some start-ups.Some of them will choose to attend trainings like .Net,DW,SAP,Java etc depending on whats hot in the market and what their sources suggest.This class does better at work as they climb up the organization ladder quickly than they did academically back in college.

35 to 60 percent fall in to C class

By the time they come out of the college hangover they would have lost considerable amount of time.They strongly feel that the percentages on their resume and not the one on their marks cards are the right ones.As time flies by their fake percentages will soon be replaced with fake experience.If you want to know how? - you have to either attend or take interviews.There is an additional option for girls belonging to this category and that is Marriage.

If there is something in common to all these three A,B,C classes ,that is confusion.

International Students...

May be because of our struggle paying back the bank loan while doing part time jobs(unless you get an aid) or may be just because we are far from home , we tend to loose our aim and soon get lost in the materialistic pleasures these countries have to offer.Gone are those days where a job waits for every masters student graduating out of college.Very few students here fall in to the 'A' class.Our job hunt starts with a minimum of four years of fake experience on their resume.Forgetting about our long term goals and what is good for our career we worry about the hourly rates and the short term solutions that pay more or in some cases just pay.It works out great initially but then comes the bench period.The vultures at least wait till we are dead but not the consultancies which try to make the maximum out of your hard work.

Wish google maps could offer us the right directions .But since that is not the case here is what we can do...

Attitude and Aptitude..

Our college days/times are not something you can go back to.Yes we are busy with exams,labs etc.While we enjoy every moment of it we should schedule time for improving our communication and aptitude skills.I am sure there is a working professional out of every educated home in India today.Get in touch with them and know how things work out in the corporate world.Do not waste time browsing through on the Internet ,instead use the  power of Internet to improve your communication and technical abilities.This will help you clear the first round of written test and then the group discussions ,technical and HR interviews.


I remember our parents telling us that the grades in 7th are important and then 10th and then +1 and +2 and finally the entrance exams.They were right , those were the foundations.Here you are and here is your one final opportunity to improve your percentages.This is very important in getting an interview call and plays a key role in the process after that.


I see international students doing a great job in developing a useful network right in the universities and also helping each other when it gets to job search.I see it to some extent but i wish the engineering/degree students back home can do better.Although we work on several projects/assignments while in college it is very helpful if you can work as an intern or a trainee even at a small company.This will not only boost your chances of getting a good job later but also boosts your confidence levels.So look out and grab any possible opportunity.

Every fresher who finds a job should help an other fresher in the look out.It could be sharing your accommodation,technical help or some references.As we climb up the organization ladder everyone of  us should go back to our colleges and share our experiences and thoughts which will help reduce the gap between the college and corporate worlds.

What ever you plan to do,develop a clarity of thought on why and how you want to do it ?.Consider your family and your long term goals and see how your decisions effect the same.Don't just follow the herd as you will alone have to answer the question when it gets to that point.Once you have your goals set never turn back and let your emotions be exploited.

In today's world it is very easy to get lost in the race for survival.But never give up because you might be at the verge of success and who else deserves it than you and your hard work.

Only we know what we are capable of and no one else can drive our destiny better than our-self.

All the very best.