Sunday, July 24, 2011

Say NO To Crazy Competition

Before i dive in to the personal development topics like facing fear,goal setting ,belief system etc i felt like writing on what i call Crazy Competition which has become a menace to our lives.As we tend to look at others to make a decision for us and our kids our thought process quickly narrows down killing our individuality. 
Families are loosing health and wealth trying to run a  business or buy a fortress only due to peer pressure or to maintain status.As the job markets weaken and real-estate markets crash they fall in to a abysmal of depression.What is the use of having a palace if you have to live all alone?.Isn't it like building a fortress on a cemetery? What is the use of having a all variety breakfast, when you have to think twice before adding sugar to your coffee?

Yes kids need activity. But tennis, dance, karate on the weekdays and gymnastics and swimming on the weekends. Do they really deserve this exhaustive schedule which also makes the parents tired as they escort them? This as competition for an unknown goal; These activities also eat up a considerable amount from every paycheck. This could also be related to a recent South Asian cultural event  in New Jersey, where mothers made their kids learn a very old dance style which is close to extinction .This is not because of their love for the culture or dance but it only gives their kids an easy entry on to the stage and all the recognition there after.The more we bought into the crazy competitiveness of our time, the more we tend to suffer as parents. Cutting down on these would allow us to spend quality time with our children or may be even going on a memorable road trip. While it is necessary for kids to compete and excel ,It is important for them to play with each other and to share to be good humans.

With today’s ever changing mindsets it is still important for us to look at the society and play an active role to make it a better one. But it is even more crucial to look in to our-self and decide on what is it that keeps us and our family happy.It is the responsibility of the elderly who have experienced life, not to encourage this crazy competition but teach their kids and grand kids on how to live in harmony.Do not let crazy competition take over your life and health.No matter how much we read or hear about living consciously it will work only if we introspect and self check every moment.

There are always choices in life and it is our responsibility to make one consciously!

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