Monday, May 16, 2011

DUI: Dont Drink and Drive - You can't afford it

Nags phone rang at 4 O Clock in the morning.He was in no mood to answer.It rang again but the same result.Roopa not wanting the kids to be disturbed, picked it up with frustration when it rang for the 5th time.It was Rajan and his words were not clear.She woke up Nags and handed over the phone.Rajan in his trembling voice said that he is calling from the chicago jail.Shocked Nags kicked roopa and when she kicked him back he was sure that it was not a dream.

Rajans wife is due for their second baby in a month and that night he and his friends had their weekly get together at their regular hangout place downtown.He had one extra drink than his usual quota.But on his way back he could not walk the line.The officers handcuffed him,put him in the back seat and it all happened so quick that by the time he could realize he was behind the bars next to other criminals.Over the Limit Under Arrest!

Blood alcohol content or BAC is most commonly used as a metric of intoxication for legal or medical purposes.The legal limits might vary from state to state and mostly included as a part of your license exam.Here is a BAC Calculator that estimates you BAC depending on your size and drinks.

You can injure/kill yourself ,your family members or someone who has nothing to do with you or your social life.Even if you and we were lucky and you were put behind bars before something like that happens,it will haunt you for the rest of your life on every back ground check from employment to education and immigration.

In developed countries like USA where finding/drinking liquor is easier and cheaper than other necessities the chances of DUI are comparitively higher.Rajan has spent eight thousand dollars so far towards fines and lawyer fees and it is just the beginning.If you dont drink you are an inspiration , if you do you can be one by quitting and if you can't , my friend take a cab or call a friend but don't Drive Under The Influence - You Cant Afford It.

In a nutshell, alcohol ruins one physically, morally, intellectually and economically.M.K.Gandhi.