Monday, October 4, 2010

Woman : The next time you think/talk about her

Her arrival is auspicious , her cute smiles bring us riches and her tiny steps fill our family with happiness.As she scripts her fairytale , she adds excitement to the lives of everyone around by making them a part of it.

How lucky it is to have a sister who can guide us through the confusing and frustrating times.As we freely discuss things we cant discuss with mom,she will change our perspective of  this world.To a great extent this not only helps shape up a better family but also the society.

Leaving her family in tears trusting us and our mind she walks away bringing her dreams along.Unlike us she alone has the ability to make both her parents and in-laws prosper/proud and lay a beautiful foundation for generations to come.She carried us for 9 months and went in to the hospital knowing that she might never return.As a mother she sacrifices everything to protect and give the best to us.

Earth - We plough it for our living and we might blast it to lay the foundations for the tallest of the buildings.Yet it tolerates and carries us in-spite of all our selfishness and holds us tight even after our death.So is a woman who bares us in-spite of all our selfish passion we are only concerned about.Finally when it all sums up and we lie on the death bed not able to clean our own mess,if she along with everyone else says - It is better to die rather than living like this . That very moment we are dead while still breathing.But she doesn't.

In today's so called developed/corporate complicated world women are expected to work for a family to have a comfortable lifestyle.Far from her fairytale land,it is painful and tough for her to balance between work,kids and home.But she rarely complains and instead listens to all our silly problems patiently.

Amidst all these no matter how she talks,walks,dresses,behaves please remember the above the next time you think/talk about her.