Sunday, September 19, 2010

One Step:I had control of

"The events depicted in this story are fictitious. Any similarity to any person living or dead is merely coincidental."

Moms dream ,Dads Salary, Bank Loan ,My Goal and here i am in Los Angele's far from home and friends.Its Friday evening and brothers will be back from work anytime.They are not what you think they are,but my roommates and i call them brothers as they have landed in country before me and  have cars and a place to live.And that is the only reason i call them so.Here is what i got to know about their hobbies in this 2 months.

Sourav does not smoke just drinks.According to him it takes a lot of practice.

Srikanth-Only Whiskey,just half bottle a day.

Senior most Silesh Bro: His goal in life is to taste beer from across the world and he has already collected 23 different bottles.

And the common good habit they have is gambling.They go to Vegas every friday and they discuss their experiences/adventures the entire next week.There is nothing i hide from mom and that helped me stay away from all that till now.But today they wanted me to go with them and just watch .Nothing else but watch.

Caesers Palace Casino 10:30 PM Friday

They have started with dice,poker and have settled down with roulette.Unlike slot machines the drinks are free as long as you play a table game.While one of them plays other two gulp and they take turns.The total loss so far is 600$.Sourav asked me to hold on to the chips and headed towards the restroom.

Its time for the next roll and as sourav dint return i had to be his proxy.The stakes are high and i hate gambling,but Srikanth made me bet and i choose lucky number 7.The dealer spins.The ball fell right in to slot 7 and the wheel stopped.

As Sourav returns Silesh told him that i have won 400$.They wanted me to share the happiness with  a shot which according to them has no alcohol in it.I resisted but dint stop.They told me to ,throw my head back and try to swallow all of the drink in one gulp. After you have taken the shot, bite the lime.

My throat is burning and my head is spinning faster than the roulette wheel and for a few minutes i could barely see anything.As i recovered - for the next few hours i had drinks and acted as a proxy for them again and again.

5 AM Saturday - Gentle Mans Club

I dont know how i have got here.Filled with smoke and smell of drinks ,colorful lights rotating,dollar bills flying and girls - blurred out ,i can see things partially but i dont see bros.My heart is burning and have been drinking water for the last 1 hour.

6AM Saturday

Moms wake up call and for the first time in my life-I had to lie to her.Shame filled my heart and tears my eyes.Bros returned  talking loudly about the girls in the background.Sourav looked at me and said ,he wants to take it to the next level.I stood up and slapped him shouting I want to go home.I want to go home!.

3 PM Saturday

I have waited for them to wake up and get out of their hangover.


You know what went wrong - its not going to Vegas,not gambling,neither drinking nor the gentlemans club but compromising and living with people like you.That is the only step i had control of.You believe what you live with is heaven but you are wrong - It is hell and you will not find the difference even when you die.Take Care.Good Bye!