Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Texas:Take 8

Austin is the first best city i love the most after NY.Calm and pleasant right next to the lake, Austin downtown is busy with visitors from the US and the nations close by.From its famous  Texas road house to Mexican fajitas ,from Indian to Japanese it has a wide variety to offer and we never missed an opportunity.

Like a Tarzan hop from one cypress tree to an other hanging on to the zip lines ,we cross the long narrow rope bridges,Trek through the fox caves and spiders and come out with smiling and happy faces.As we can see the earth,feel the air and touch of the rain ,cypress valley canopy tours are a renovating experience.

You can take a fun-filled boat ride or walk along the river as the buildings are light up for the x-mass and new year celebrations.With some very cool/wide variety of restaurants and shopping malls right on the river the San Antonio river-walk stands beautifully as if its representing Texas to the rest of this planet!

From dolphins to sea lions from shamu(the whale)  to the yellow roller coaster we were in love with them even before they tried to impress us at the sea world.

Dressed up as if we are working in a coal mine walking through the caverns is a reminded me of some real old Indian movies (Pathaala bhairavi) and also our walk through the Golconda fort.

Feed the deers/antelopes and see the zebras smile,get chased by the ostriches as they sneak in through the moon roof.

Every time we fly over it or drive through some leaves/stems in our family tree in Houston we feel that its getting closer to the Mexican border.Houston is not only huge but also holds a strong indian outfit and the super nice Desi streets that come with them.

If there is anything that can match or exceed the experiences above its spending time with our cow boy bro Arjun and Upcoming Tennis Sensation AKA cute little sis Anjali and Bar-B-Q Bhaskar uncle and Dr Pinni.

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