Monday, July 19, 2010

Rebirth - Gack Gack Gaaaack!

"The events depicted in this story are fictitious. Any similarity to any person living or dead is merely coincidental."

My heart beat goes up and so does my blood pressure out of anger.Swami,even when i do my best to be good to people they tend to talk rude .Their words are like bullets from a double barrel gun.If i stop talking to them they talk bad about me behind my back.Its making enemies and my relations and health are souring.Can you please either change them or change me so that i am not bothered from their actions any more or change me to be like them.Swamiji with a smile on his face ,i can neither change them nor you ,it is from our actions and thoughts what we are today and what we will be tomorrow.But i can show you what will be the consequences in this and the next lives of those if that makes you happy.Put on these glasses when ever you think there is a chance of you getting angry from their behavior.

The next morning Shamus manager took out anger on his boss on Shamu and in the evening as his nonsensical buddies Sanjay,Mani approach him Shamu puts his magical glasses on.He sees a bright white light flashing and immediately his brain goes blank with out any thoughts and he starts floating in the air as if he has reached eternity.

As the sun rises from behind the hills,the buffaloes make their way for their morning graze polluting the village roads and filling the air with dust.Out of that dust - filling it with smoke,in the opposite direction comes Khaleel on his scooter ,his face could be seen only in parts as the monkey cap saves him from the dew and the cold winter morning breeze.But there is nothing to stop the cold wind from killing the half dead chickens in the cage hanging on the carriage of Khaleels scooter.Everyone can hear their gack! gack! gack! gack! gaaaaacks, but no one cares.They have no clue that they are on their way to the buthers table but they can sense that something real bad is going to happen to them.As Shamu looks through the cage, crushed to on end by its colleagues,its right wing is struck in the left mesh of the cage.As it flaps its right wing its neck and head hanging out of the small opening at the bottom of the cage and swinging like a pedulum and its beak close to the road.As Shamu adjusts his glasses and looks closer he sees the letters S A N J A Y on its wings and right next to him is MANI in his hennie incarnation.

A smile on Shamus face acknowledging the pain and fear in Mani and Sanjays hearts .

Looking at the speed breaker ahead Sanjay and Mani as their feathers fall off ,try to push themselves in to the cage but fails and goes further down close to the ground gack! gack! gaaaak!.Out of the thick dust comes a tractor racing towards Khaleel and he pulls of the road and away from the speed breaker.Sanjay and Mani breath a sigh of relief. From under the tractors back tire a stone comes flying on to the cage and hits the hen next to Mani and it dies.They look at each other and gack for a while every-hen goes silent with out any hope for anything better.

Mastan the butcher grabs the cage from the scooter and throws it on the top of an empty cage placed on the big lorry tire and all the livestock go gaaaaaaack!.Mastan then lifts the opening on the top of the cage and tries to grab the chicken on the top.As they try to escape frustrating him ,he grabs hold of sanjays claw and pulls him out as he gacks and flutters his wings desperately.Holding Sanjay by the neck in one hand and placing him on the table ,he grabs his knife and gets ready in his execution position.In the cage Manis heart beats like a Selva Manis drum with his half opened eye he looks at Sanjay who is screaming his last gacks.Just at that very moment Mastan stares at the left overs and the dog which is stealing them. He drops Sanjay back in the cage and grabs the broom stick and throws it at the dog,which hits it right on the back.The dog quacks and runs away . Shamu sees the letters M A N A G E R on the dogs back.

 Shamu takes off his glasses and walks away laughing as his buddies look at him with their mouths wide open.After a few days they stop bothering him as he sees them as pigs hanging in between trees with their legs tied from both ends,deer escaping from a cheetha and shot by a hunter etc etc and laughs away to make the best out of his human existence.