Thursday, June 3, 2010

God is one - To the absolute with Love

Lost in the darkness of my mothers womb you gave me a hope called life.

As an infant i could not lift my head on my own ,you made me help others stand on their feet.

In prosperity i forget you , in adversity i might even blame you but you are always there for me.

There is death in between every breath of mine but your allowed me live every beautiful little moment to the fullest.

You are the love,guidance and care in my parents,love,patience,care and smile in my wife,The happiness and intelligence in my kid.Knowing that i will not boast about my previous or next generations..

I am neither perfect nor the powerful but just a tiniest piece of your infinite energy.Knowing that i will neither talk or walk junk.I will neither Blame nor lie.

Neither power nor money ,Neither passion nor people can bring the happiness with which i am writing this,yet i tend to get lost in the materialistic side and before i do it one more time - Thanks a lot for everything!!