Wednesday, June 10, 2020

New Course Devops Tools and AWS for Java Micro Service Developers course Launched!!

Look at any developer job opening out there, the knowledge of Cloud like AWS and experience with Devops tools like Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins is a must.In this All In One course you will master all the Devops Tools from GIT all the way to Kubernetes and also AWS Services from EC2 to Cloud Watch to make your MicroService applications Continuous Deployment and Production/Cloud Ready.

Are you a  Developer with Microservices background ? Are you a developer who is just getting started with your career? then this course is for you .You will quickly master all the Devops Tools(Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins etc) and AWS Services (EC2 ,Elastic Beanstalk,ELB,Auto Scaling and more ) a developer uses.

Enroll now and make the best while the special discounted launch price of 9.99 $ lasts for the next 5 days.Click on the link below to use the coupon.

Devops Tools and AWS for Java Microservice Developers

Devops Tools and AWS For Java Micro Service DevelopersMaster Docker , Kubernetes, Maven, Jenkins ,GIT , AWS EC2 ,Elastic Beanstalk,ELB,Auto Scaling and more in easy steps