Friday, May 22, 2020

Complete Full Stack Devops and AWS Courses by Bharath Thippireddy

Achieve your career goals by taking up Full Stack Development using Java, Python, JavaScript and DevOps, AWS, Docker, Kubernetes. From 25 Courses which currently have 300K+ Learners you can pick a track and master .

Spring Boot Project Development using Angular and React

Java Learning Path

Complete Python Stack from core Python to Django REST Framework

Python Learning Path

Angular and React project creation with Java or Node backend

JavaScript Learning Path

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Artificial Intelligence:

Java Courses: Java Design Patterns, Java Web Services, Java Messaging Service, JUnit and Mockito and Spring Frameworks in Easy Steps, Spring Boot Fundamentals,Spring Data JPA using Hibernate,Spring Data REST.  

Devops Tools:

Java Script Courses:

XML Courses:


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