Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Port Of Entry:Talking to the Immigration Officer Etc

Spend the last one hour of your long and tiring flight journey to freshen up, double check the I-94, Customs Declaration forms you have filled.Along with the passport keep all the documents that you took to the visa interview handy.

There will be two lines at the port of entry. One for the US Citizens, Green card holders, and another for the Visa Holders. The Immigration officer looks at your passport, visa, and I-94 form,questions about the purpose of your visit, takes digital picture and digital finger prints, stamps your passport and provide a departure date on I-94.

In some cases you will be sent for a second interview. And if that happens do not panic.You are not alone and there are many visa holders who go through this process each day. Look at it as a double check on their part. As soon as you get in, the immigration officer will take your documents and will ask you to wait as they pull up your immigration information. No matter how long the wait is , stay focused and relaxed. And when it’s your turn, wish the officer with a smile.Answer to their questions slowly and confidently. Do not over talk, just answer to the point. All they want to know is how long you are going to stay in the USand why. No matter how many times and how many ways they ask you the same question reply patiently and provide the required documents/proof.

Despite your long stay in the US, anticipate and be prepared for this every time you fly out of the country and come back to the Port Of Entry on a Visa.