Monday, October 24, 2011

One Village One India : Updates and Future Events

I am glad to inform you that we have received the Pan Card required to setup a bank account for our non profit charity organization One Village One India. The next task we will be taking up is to extend our snacks during study hour program to four other schools in Vinjamur mandal. This will happen pre-exam season in March 2012.

Schools that are  covered currently:


Total of one hundred and fifty students.

Schools that will be benefited in 2012 :

Gundemadakala ZP High School
Katepalli ZP High School
Utukuru ZP High School

Total of one hundred and fifty students.

One time sponsorship for this event is five thousand rupees or hundred dollars per school. The permanent sponsorship for this costs one lakh rupees or two thousand dollars for these four schools. You can read more on the permanent solution by going to the following post .

Your contributions will help provide quality nutrition which in turn will improve the quality of education for hundreds of poor children.If you are interested in donating for this cause, please send me an email to -

I will summarize the contributions made as blog posts to allow transparency.

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