Monday, August 29, 2011

Interview Tips:Things to remember


Dress Up Professionally

Not Casual ,Not Gaudy but Formal and Simple

Be Early

This will give you time to relax,revise and settle down.The last minute rush will only add tension and then the chain reaction of disaster.


State your name with a firm handshake and a smile.Maitain eye contact when you do that and through out the interview.Wish them Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening .Though your technical rounds would have started in the morning ,your HR round might happen in the evening.So  be attentive and wish appropriately.

Record and Remember Their Names

This will show them your attentiveness and memory skills , when they ask you who took your previous rounds or when the HR asks - Who took your technical round ?. Names are also necessary when you follow up later on for the result.Faces are easier to remember than names. So a quick and easy way to remember names is to associate their names with their faces and the combination with someone famous or someone you already know or something funny.The funnier the association the easier to remember.

3)The Intermission

Time in between different rounds of the interview process should be used to relax and concentrate.Here is my article on the topic - stay focussed while you wait.

4)The End - Thank and Note

The end in most cases is a beginning to follow up.So make sure you thank them for their time and get their contact details.Write down the HRs full name ,email address and phone number.Double check and confirm the details you have written down.While you get frustrated and give up as you wait for the result, it could just be a delay due to a required higher management approval.So having the contact details will keep you up to date and give you some peace of mind.