Thursday, July 21, 2011

H1B Visa Stamping: Document Checklist and Application Questionnaire

In the past few months, I have seen friends struggling to get their visas stamped to come back and continue in their active jobs in the USA. It is a shame that they are under scrutiny and have to go through the stressful process after all their key contributions in their respective fields. Thanks to my friends for sharing their recent H1B VISA experiences, I was able to come up with a consolidated list of documents required for the VISA interview. I have uploaded the same to Google docs hoping to ease some pain. H1B Visa Document Checklist and Application Questionnaire 
The first tab has the list of documents and the second tab has the basic questionnaire required to file your H1B.The first tab is again divided in to two sections .The first section lists the document type and the second one tells the applicant type it applies to. To add to this list, you can email me the details and I will update the same.
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Notice that the color copies of the documents should be sent and the Experience Letters are a must for Non Computer Science graduates.

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