Sunday, June 19, 2011

To Nana With Love-My Dad My Hero

Every evening ,as soon as we hear the unique silencer sound of your legendary Bajaj Chethak we used to act studious.While you park the scooter we ran towards you to grab our favorite snacks.

I have started liking Chiranjeevi because my friends said he looks like you.

Though mom used to take disciplinary action when and where required:),i can not remember an instance where you even harshly spoke.

Short or long drives you keep us entertained with your stories and experiences filled with wisdom and humor.

Every time i drive to jersey or watch a movie i remember our nostalgic drives from Vinjamoor to Nellore and how we used to watch every good movie the first week.

And the best of them all you have taught us how to live simple,generous while living life the King Size.