Sunday, June 5, 2011

One Village One India

What if every campus recruit Helps an other fresher looking out.What if every fresher who gets in to a job helps an other looking out.What if every NRI takes care of an Orphan.What if all these people contribute 1% of their time/salary for those who are in need.

In 2002 we were a small group of friends who started answering this "What If".We made it a part of our lives. We have been sharing every moment of happiness birthday or vacation in our lives with those in need.Thanks to all those inspirational leaders and organizations who motivated us.Today we are all well settled, some back home and some abroad and in a position to contribute individually.

We did not and will not waste time complaining how corrupt our system is but will work to improve awareness to curb it in every possible manner.We will not argue with those educated people about caste,poverty and politics ,but will help educate every child to rise to what we once were.Not by religion,caste,regional,political or by any other classification but from one being to another.

We have been working with students helping them financially.Most of them are on a good career path and are paying it forward.We have also helped old people paying the marginal costs which they have to incur in the government sposnored housing schemes.Staying in touch and guiding college grads with the information they need to have a dream career if not a career.There are several other village welfare initiatives and  i will be posting the details going forward.

You can be part of the team either by providing financial help or by raising awareness.We are ready to guide and help you if you are interested in taking up similar projects in your villages.

Let education answer the poverty and awareness question the corruption.
Our nation deserves better and together we can - One Village One India.

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