Tuesday, May 31, 2011

First Trip to USA – Tips and Things To Bring

Here is a consolidated list of things from what my friends suggested me to bring when I was flying here for the first time in 2006. Feel free to Pick and Choose as required for the duration of your trip.This should make it easy for you while you settle down and get to know the stores and brands.

Get your IDL(International Drivers License). This will not only help you drive while you wait to get your driver’s license but also might get you an exempt from the driving exam.Be very careful with your passport and visa during the travel.Have multiple copies of the address and telephone numbers of the place you are visiting or going to live.

Things to remember

I. Costumes

1. Long Leather Jacket
2. Sweater.
3. Leather Gloves and cap.

Depends on whether you land on the chilly east coast or silicon west coast.East Coast  has severe winters/snow where as the west and south are not that bad.

4. Get some thick shirts.
5. Shoes 2 Pairs (1 for office ), 1 Pair of sandals,1Pair of home slippers.
6. Pijamas n t-shirts 5-6 Pairs.
7. Under garments at least 10-15 Pairs.
8. Office wear at least 5-6 Pairs.
9. Socks Black color at least 8-10 Pairs(for office)
10. Shaving set.
11. Nivea Body Lotion.


12. Tablets - Headache,Motions,Pain Relief.

Except a few over the counter drugs like Advil,Tylenol most of the medication here require a doctor’s prescription.

13. If you wear glasses get 2 pairs of glasses .Glasses are expensive here.


Go to a dentist and get everything fixed especially the root canals,too much wisdom teeth and crowns.Its expensive and also difficult to get dental appointments here.


14. Get good quality suitcases as the ground staff neither respect nor fear them:).


15. Coming to cooking:

         1. Pressure cooker, 2 utensils,1 plate,1glass.2 pair of spoons.
         2. Any spices which you want in your food.
         3. Pickles - get 2 varieties
         4. Write down all recipes which you cook daily.


16. Get the software you have/need.
17. Books related to your subject.

Don't Smuggle

Do not bring anything made from meat,not even pickles.When you arrive inform the customs officer what you have. They are going to the check the suitcases anyhow. If you are bringing groundnuts have them roasted if not they will be taken in to custody:).

Enter the Dragon

At the port of entry usually there will be two lines .One for the permanent residents and US citizens and the other for the Visa Holders. Have your passport and file with all the documents ready as you approach the Immigration Officer.Wait for your turn behind the yellow line. Wish him with a smile and answer the questions if any to the point confidently.

Feel free to add to the list and also send me an email and I will send the list of things you can bring for me:).Happy Journey!

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