Friday, June 17, 2011

File your green card under EB2 and not EB3

Your employment based green card can be filed under different categories depending on your qualification and work experience. Read the following article on to understand the categories under employment based green card.

Most of us qualify for the EB2 category. But your employers and attorney usually file your green card under EB3.One obvious reason they give is that it goes under less scrutiny and requires less document work. Another hidden agenda of some crooked employers is to make you their slave until you get your green card .The priority dates for EB2 are in 2006, while those for EB3 are in 2002.Also the dates move quicker in case of EB2 than EB3.Those who got their GC filed under EB2 in 2007 have got their green cards already while those who filed in 2002 under EB3 are still waiting.

If your employer is yet to file your GC, talk to them and get your GC filed under EB2 or switch to a new employer who does. If your GC was already filed under EB3 you can still port it to EB2.More on this in the next article.

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