Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Together We Can - The Stars of the future!!

Sai Vardhan
5th standard
4th rank

Every kid has a star in him ,and all they need is a little support to light up the future brighter than the sun!!

It costs 10000 Rs (250 dollars) per year to take care of his Food and Necessities.And that is all we do.If me and my small group(6) of friends can do it , i am sure you can all do it.In the beginning when we were freshers,we could contribute 100 to 200 rs a month and it totaled up to 1000 a month.

While helping stars of the future like Sai we could also help a few degree students with fee and books.As we climbed up the career ladder so did our contributions.Today we are in a position to sponsor a child with a individual contribution.And today is the DAY every year,we strongly tell sai that we will be there for him always.

What if every campus recruit Helps an other fresher looking out...

What if every fresher who gets in to a job helps an other looking out..

What if every NRI takes care of an Orphan....

What if all these people contribute 1% of their time/salary for those who are in need.

This is how v "work/will work" and there is no more "What If"

We know that it is just a drop in the ocean.But its better to be a drop in the ocean than a frog in the well.

Watch the video , do the difference!!