Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Happy Mothers Day:ప్రేమతో నీకు...


You were so happy when they said ,I look "just like you..."

 I used to wait for the final bell at school,to see the smile on your face ..

I used to jump of the rikshaw and grab my school bag,as basha(our rikshawala) was handing over the the lunch bag, i knew that you were behind me standing on your lotus feet with that beautiful smile on your face....

 I fell in love with the rain,waiting to taste the chapathis you make..

And thats how i started loving walking in the rain.

I started liking the smell of mud and waited for the rain that comes after it , as you used to make chapathis when ever it rains and i just love them:)

I used to wait for the last exam and the first bus to just come see you...

To the amazement/jealousy of my mates , I used to finish my last exam an hour early ,run to the hostel,grab my bag,catch the first bus to bangalore and then bribe the conductors to get the best seat to nellore... just to see you....ASAP.

I could race through the toughest of times, just by listening to the voice of yours...

What ever i do-I have to answer you,i have to answer her and I have to answer him but no one else!!:)

I fell in love with her ,trying to prove that there is no one else like you..

I will wait for an other life,just to wish/thank you on every mothers day !!!

This mothers days is so special because there is someone who once again looks "just like you..."

To mom with love!!