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About Bharath Thippireddy

"Blessed by the absolute ,my parents and teachers"

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I come from Nellore a beautiful coastal town in India.I have started my career as a java developer in the year 2002 at NRIT Bangalore.I currently work as a java architect for NCR Corporation Hyderabad.All these years while for companies and running my own in the US I have experimented and realized the power of learning and sharing.It allowed me watch and evaluate myself objectively and also subjectively through feedback from others.Through this website which consolidates my blogs and youtube channels i continue doing that in the different areas below.

For the last nine years in the IT Industry I have worked and trained at various levels designing, developing Web and EAI Applications using J2EE, .Net and Web Service Technologies.While working for companies like HP ,TCS,Oracle and Siemens i have successfully completed my certifications starting from java developer,web component developer to business component developer and enterprise architect.The purpose of the technical section is to reduce the gap between the two worlds namely college and IT industry,help you prepare for your certifications and share with and learn from others in the Industry.

I have been there and i know the confusion as a fresher out of college. I will make every attempt possible to make the journey easy for you. The career section offers several interview tips and articles that will help decide towards your further studies or jobs. 

I have started my Dollar Dreams in 2006 .Under the US Immigration section you will find articles which will help you choose your path to USA and will guide you from H1 stamping through Green Card porting and Citizenship interview tips.

The powerful tool every human is gifted with is to learn and improve in every aspect of his life.To know our weaknesses and use our strengths to overcome them.The Personal development section shows you how to live consciously with the truth,unlearn the assumptions and socially conditioned beliefs and face our fears to realize the purpose of our life and to be what we really can be.

Along with dance another passion i have discovered over the years is film making.Persuing it further i currently attend film classes at the Montgomery community college.You can see my film making skills in action in my techincal presentations,dance videos and short documentaries that potray the work of our non profit organization One Village One India.The mission of One Village One India is to serve those in need and to give back to my village while spreading awareness on social and political issues."As an individual i can do something,but together we can do great things"

You are someone special .Develop the 'I can be different' attitude that is required to be what you really want to be and will be.

Set your goals across the different life spaces

Develop stratergies and Learn every day 

Share and Practice every moment

Adjust and Improve

Succeed in everything you do

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