Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Highway lesson for life

Like every other morning as I made a left turn on to 202 south to work , like every other morning there was a car moving slow on the left lane and overtaking this Nissan were several other cars. As I followed the herd overtaking him, he cruised through narrowly missing another car on the right lane raced through the traffic while staring at me and squeezed back in between two cars on to the left lane .Instead of playing an imaginary confrontation and racing with him I have just let him go.

I have later managed not to talk or think about this with others at work and build up the whirlpool of negative thoughts for the day. As silly as it sounds little things like these when we let our mind play at work and personal life will result in wasting  our valuable time. Keeping the positive thought process going, I had a great day fixing issues at work and doing my presentations in the evening.

As i practice patience i realize the power of the attitude - "Everyone is here to teach me something" - Teach me how to get better at something good or teach me how not to be like them. Life gives us an opportunity to learn every moment from every person and situation. All we need to do is to stop watch and decide. Don’t let the little things dominate your thought process and takeover all that beautiful things you are capable of doing otherwise.

By the way , the Nissan dude was not a mile away but right in front of me as I made an exit off the highway.

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