Thursday, November 17, 2011

Use your EAD ASAP

When your priority date becomes current and when you file your I-485, you can and should file for your Employment Authorization Document (EAD).With an EAD you can switch to a different employer from who filed your GC after 180 days from when your I -485 was filed. Your GC process will continue and you will get your green card depending on the processing times. In the mean time the EAD allows you to work for any employer by filing an AC21 every time you switch jobs. It’s merely letting USCIS know that you are switching to a new employer and your job duties at the new employer are the same as your current or those mentioned in your green card labor application.

Advantages of using your EAD:

  1. More employment opportunities
  2. You can also apply for an EAD for your dependents who are then authorized to work
  3. Better Positions - I have seen companies offering senior positions for those on EAD.
  4. No H1B visa stamping hassle
Once you use your EAD you no longer hold your visa status. You should apply for an Advance Parole (AP) document to travel out and come back to the US. You should renew your EAD once every two years and Travel Document every year. You or your employer/attorney can renew them online by paying the appropriate fee and send in the supporting documents. You will receive the EAD and AP documents by mail.

Dump all the assumptions and the fears that come with them , talk to your lawyer if you are in doubt and use your EAD As Soon As Possible.

Here is a good article on How to utilize AC21.

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