Monday, July 18, 2011

Interview Tips: Stay Focused While You Wait

Whether it is a job interview or a visa interview there will be a point of wait. This could be waiting for the interviewer to come pick you up from the reception or standing in the visa line for an hour before you talk to the immigration officer. Along with your technical skills and communication abilities you should develop the required patience and concentration. While you wait, do not let your mind wander about your evening plans or  places you want to visit once you are abroad. You should use this wait time to revise what you have prepared and to organize your thoughts. This will make your brain stay focused on the task at hand.

You can revise on topics like these:

How should I introduce myself to the HR?
How should I talk about the salary?
How should I talk about my intentions in going to the US with the Immigration Officer?

Revising your 'About Me' is not a bad idea.

Time for a Self Check
When you are at your best and have answered every single question in a particular round do a self check for over confidence. This will help you not to over talk or show off later. The wait time is a good time to put yourself back to equilibrium and use the confidence from your previous rounds to breeze through the rest of the interview process.
It’s not over
No matter how bad you did in the previous rounds never give up. The interview results are not based on your performance in a particular round alone. Use the wait time to pull you strengths together and do your best in the next round.
Before the bell rings for the next round, use the wait time to your benefit.

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