Wednesday, July 27, 2011

H1B Visa Consolidated Checklist

This is a follow up to the H1B document checklist I have posted earlier. Thanks to another friend, this is a bigger/consolidated list that you can use to do a quick check.Filter out as some of them might not be applicable to you.
Feel free to add to it. You can email the add-ons to and I will update this list.

1.    Appointment Letter
2.    DS 156 (With the photographs)
3.    DS 157
4.    Passport
5.    I797A
6.    HDFC Bank Receipt for Visa Appointment
7.    ID card
8.    Passport Photos (50X50)
9.    Employment Verification Letter
10.  Visa Support Form from your employer to the US Consulate
11.  Offer letter from your present company

12.  I129 petition for a nonimmigrant worker
13.  H Classification Supplement to Form I-129
14.  H1-B Data collection and Filing Fee Exemption Supplement
15.  Certified Labor Condition Application LCA
16.  Petitioner's Letter submitted in support of the I-129 petition
17.  Pay stubs
18.  W2 (for 3yrs)
19.  Tax Returns
20.  Education Evaluation Certificates
21.  Client Letter
22.  Client Purchase Order
23.  Contract with Vendor
24.  US Degree-Transcripts
25.  Original Certificates (Graduation (from India)
26.  Resume
27.  All I-20’s
28.  OPT Card
29.  Company tax papers
30.  Social security card
31.  6 months Bank Statements
32.  Utility bills (Cell Phone Bills)
33.  Copies of Previous I797
34.  Copies of all i-20's
35.  US Driving license
36.  Offer letters from my previous companies
37.  Educational certificates - Undergrad and high school studies 

38.  US Company Building Lease Agreement
39.  Company Wage Reports
40.  Company US Employees list (print names in letter head, check for format)
41.  Company brochure

All the best!

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