Monday, June 13, 2011

Three easy steps to keep your shot in focus

 Blurry video which often results from not using the right focus technique distracts the viewer. Below are three easy steps to keep the lens in focus throughout the shot.
1. Zoom in your lens to its maximum focal length, to a chosen remote subject  in your scene.
2. Adjust the focus ring and make sure this remote subject is in focus.
3. Zoom Out and compose your shot.
As long as your camera does not move away everything you see in the view finder will stay in focus for the entire shot no matter you zoom in or out. Every time the camera moves to a different position you should repeat this exercise.
Choosing the remote subject
You can pick any tiny object you see on the view finder.
While shooting a music video with a scenic background you can use one of the wind mills or a tree far away as the remote subject.
If it is an interview or conversation the person’s eye or a logo on his dress is a good choice for the remote subject to focus.
Shot in Focus = Zoom in + Focus on a remote object + Zoom Out and Compose.