Friday, February 4, 2011

The Tom and Jerry Phi-laws-of-(li)fey

On the southernmost tip of the US in the paradise state of Florida in the beautiful island city of Key West was the Higg's Beach with its clear waters and luxurious beach houses .In one of those luxurious condos lived Jerry the cute little rat in a 4 bed and 5 bath rat hole. With a hope for a better if not best life ,he and his bachelor friends  sneaked in from Cuba on a cargo ship that carried tons of Cuban cigars. All they brought with them were the skills they have learned from their parents and teachers. Its stomach is so small and could accommodate very little. But even when its stomach is full, if it smells something good in the kitchen it immediately makes sure to have a bite and leave the rest in a inedible state. On the board walk next to the condos lived the powerfully black cat- Tom. He was well fed by the restaurants and other stores on the famous Duval Street. And in return he used to take care of the rodent population and the problems that come with them.

Jerry not only used to steal more food than what he needs but also anything and everything from kids toys to car keys. Each time Jerry escapes a rat trap or a Tom cat attack instead of remembering how lucky he was to be alive and the one responsible for it, he used to boast about its speed and agility. As it grew materialistically older and spiritually lower, he has lost his agility and good friends .He was soon surrounded by rats with similar mentality and goals for life - Steal as much as we can, save as much as we can and live each day selfishly. Even within that small group they used to compete and bring home all that was totally unnecessary.Soon they started stealing each others food and then came the fear and worry of loss.Once in a while they talk about their past and those nostalgic childhood days back in Cuba,but ignored who were responsible for all that happiness. As he moved from house to house he built a rat hole so huge that it was enough to breed 1000 more rats, but he lived all alone in his four bed and five bath fortresses.

Like every Friday night after having his European dinner and Arabian dessert,Jerrys tongue wanted the taste of strawberry ice-cream which it saw that morning in the freezer. Jerry quickly made his Robinhood moves .It was no ordinary Friday night. As the dark clouds swallowed the full moon he could barely see a thing in the dark house. As he got old his vision blurred down with age and it started relying more on its extra ordinary smelling/hearing capabilities which are no more extra. If there was anything on this planet other than bat/owl that could see/walk through at ease in that darkness, it was Tom the black cat. It can run like a Cheetah and hide like a Chameleon - It is as black/dark as that night .Like a lion sitting on the edge of a rock scaring away other animals in the jungle, Tom patiently waited for Jerry relaxed on the dining table. Jerry could smell the danger but his ego/senses(tongue) over rode his fear. As it crawled across the hallway and was about to enter the kitchen, Tom jumped on to it with its claws wide open ,caught it with its left claw and tore it with its sharp nails in to pieces.

Very similar to this Tom & Jerrys story, today we travel places(some cities, some states, some countries) far from our loved ones in search of better/superior life. We quickly change to  suit the vicious world far from simplicity (ever lasting happiness).We eat more than what we need and we buy more than what we use. Bite/Taste every dam thing just for the heck of it.Like the rat traps/Tom-cat as we go through the tough times and as we swim out of them, instead of learning from them we try to act/ignore them and those who helped us come out of them. Developing a sense of "I" and the ego that comes with it. We say that we are far from those(our own) in need and we do not know a way to help them , but we know how to find the best of the online or in store deals on the newly released electronics or a dream vacation. We party for every silly reason while there are countries starving. We pray not to be happy with what we have but for more which we don’t need.(Ignorance).

As we try to find shortcuts to success we develop a false ego and superiority/jealousy. This allows us to easily blame others for our mistakes and also take credit for their hard work. We crazily compete - starting from Houses,Kids,Cars,Vacations,Jobs trying  to prove - ours are always the best!.We rarely notice/appreciate the talent in our neighbors but talk about the seven wonders and the billionaires far far away(Isolate).

Even though there are live examples everywhere and in the history books - we fool our self believing that what we have at every stage of our life is permanent. We soon forget the simple purpose of life and complicate it with unnecessary attachments only to develop a fear of loss/disease. (Fear)

While we are lost in our busy selfish lives planning for the far future, like Tom in the story death is just around the corner watching/waiting for us and will sweep us off the feet taking our breadth away(Diminish/Perish).

With an ego we ignore, in ignorance we isolate(religions,regions,castes,status etc),in isolation we fear(insecure),with insecurity we loose memory/forget(what we are/were and the one responsible) and then we diminish/perish!

The Tom and Jerry story/cycle continues!

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