Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Simhapuri Times:I am not that type,Leave me alone!

"The events depicted in this story are fictitious. Any similarity to any person living or dead is merely coincidental."

Satya is a 6 foot fair and handsome guy who has cleared his ICAI exam for accountants an year ago with a good score and has secured a highly paid job at a top notch MNC in Hyderabad which does tax handling for clients all over India.Along with his yearly bonus he also recently got married to his one and only girl friend Divya.

That evening as they plan to go watch a romantic movie , Satya receives a call on his cell.As he ends the call looking at his depressed face, Divya goes in to the bed room and comes out with a small briefcase.She is not leaving him but - Like a first aid kit in the RTC bus ,like an ambulance with a ventilator ready to pick up a patient - that briefcase has a imported shaving kit ,a 3 piece suit,tooth brush/paste,comb,a India Today and two other very important costumes. It is Satyas travel kit and today he has to go fix tax accounts/returns for a leading Editorial - Simhapuri Times.With top notch salaries comes working late hours and travel.Apologizing to Divya and kissing her good bye, Satya rushes to catch the Simhapuri express at 9 PM.Its a 10 hour Train journey to Simhapuri.

The next morning,dressed up in his 3 piece suit he meets the accountants at Simhapuri Times.Simapuri Times is a 10 acre campus with huge glass buildings and a lot of ongoing renovation/construction work.To one corner next to the archival section is the accounting department.Right next to it is a small chamber seperated by a glass wall.In that chamber are two guys and girl working busily as if they are controlling the entire Simhapuri Times operations.As Satya enters the accounting room one of those two guys in the other chamber with short hair  keeps staring at Satya seriously.Not paying much attention Satya quickly gets to work remembering Divya and to finish up early and return.

After lunch as he walks in to the kitchen for some coffee.,he runs in to the same serious guy who stares at him top to bottom and says - "nice hair style".Feeling weird Satya quickly walks out for a fag and calls Divya.As he turns back with his  cell phone in one hand he sees the same guy staring at him from the window and smiling.Irritated Satya hangs up the call ,picks up a small iron rod  next to the construction area and get back to work.He keeps the rod in his briefcase and turns back to find that the guy is still staring at him.He quickly finishes his work and walks out to realize that the guy is following him hiding something in his hand.

As Satya tries to run, the guy runs faster.As he gets closer,Satya removes the rod from his suitcase and holds the guy by his collar and pushes him towards the wall and shouts-"What the hell are you doing,I am married and i am not that type, leave me alone!".The guy holds Satyas hand and shows him the paper he has in the other hand.

Shocked and Embarrassed- Satya drops the rod and says sorry and thanks in a low voice.He says sorry and thanks one more time.Looking at his caricature he walks out lighting a cigarette and immediately calls Divya to share the entire experience.He later learns that that guy was an intern cartoonist as Simhapuri Times and that Caricature needs a lot of observation of features and working on the proportions.And that it also needs observing the actions and reactions.