Sunday, December 19, 2010

Florida Part 1:Six days in Orlando

Wanted to share this for quiet sometime and here it is finally!

Every Wednesday before Thanks Giving we leave work early, not to avoid traffic but to reach the airport in-spite of it.Pushing  the button for the parking ticket i find a spot and she remembers the lot - wait for the shuttle to take us to the airport.From checking in the baggage to the long lines at the security check everything flies by in excitement as we share a Starbucks mocha walking towards the gate.Not only excited about the holidays and vacation but mostly about our anniversary that comes right after thanks giving and its a 6 day celebration every year!

While making fun of the air hostess during her flight safety demo and about the peanuts they serve we decide on the  movies to watch.As the sky turns red welcoming the sun to bed high in the air filled with joy and away from this busy busy world we revise our six day plan one more time.Check out the rental car for dents and check in at the hotel - we crash in to the bed dreaming about the beautiful land.

Genie starting from the  top of his Truck..The Tall guy at the disney Parade
It was my second time to Disney ,but she enjoyed the rides and meeting the mickey as i enjoyed the Turkey Leg special.

Cinderellas Castle-Busy in the day    Busier and Beautiful in the Night

The best Indian Thali ever - Atleast for us on that given day:)
After exploring our favorite standard eat out places and some new local ones for the first four days,we were finally at the point where we needed to taste the Authentic if not Indian spicy food.

Pretzels reminded us of the Papad in Nellore exhibition      Giant wheels doubled - reminding us of the Hyderabad Exhibition
A day in between to live local - eat drink and ride everything and anything like  local.Old Town Kissimmee located  half mile away from our hotel was calling us right from day one.From wind swinger and roller coasters to go karts ,bumper cars and laser tag it was a nostalgic night that never ends!

Like the birds flying home as the sun sets we drove..Mini Me in the Dayton beach waters
Forget the GPS - And go on a ride of your life time.Yep once in a while we like doing that:)

Universal Studios - Cant get any better as we chose the day after the holiday ,i.e the monday .My previous experience from Universal in LA helped in the decision making process:).Forget about long queues there were no queues for most of the rides - Mummy,Terminator,MIB.We loved simpsons 3D so much that we kept on returning from the exit to the entrance!.

Rock It-The Roller Coaster Ride that summarizes our yet an other beautiful year that passed by..While it is freezing time on the east coast its a T-Shirt Weather in the South

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