Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Lord Hanuma in US Embassy

Just a satire meant for fun ....

Alternately switching between Hanumas Experience With Lanka Devi and the US Visitor Visa experience....

10000 BC(Roughly)

Lord hanuma in search of sita devi has reached the shores of lanka and prospective US visitors in the quest of visa have reached the US Embassy.

That Hanuma, best among monkeys, the intellectual son of Vayu, one with great might, stood on the mountain called Lamba with its high peaks equaling a high cloud, gathered courage and entered at night the city of Lanka ruled by Ravana and filled with beautiful forests and places of water such as lakes.

Propective Visitors:

It was big line outside consular office, we directly went near gate and showed my appointment letter to security, he asked us to go inside.

10000 BC

Thereafter, the guardian of that city, in her own form, saw Hanuma, the best among monkeys and the mighty one, entering. Seeing that best among monkeys Hanuma there, that Lanka ruled by Ravana, rose up herself with a horrific appearance of face an eyes. She stood in front of the best among Vanaras Hanuma. She made a great sound and spoke to Hanuma thus.

Propective Visitors:

After paying the fee and waiting for a few mins in the queue we were in front of the consulate officer.

10000 BC

"O one who lives in gardens! Who are you? For what reason did you come here? As long as your lives are sustained, tell me the truth here before that. It is indeed not possible for you to enter this city of Lanka which is protected by Ravana's forces and strongly guarded all around."

Consulate Officer:

who is inviting you?

who is sponsoring you?

Why are you going?

10000 BC

Thereafter the mighty Hanuma spoke to Lanka standing in front of her as follows..

O one with ugly eyes! Who are you? O horrible one! Stopping me, for what reason are you threatening me? ."I should like to see the city of Lanka with its palaces, defensive walls and archways. I came here for that reason.It is filled with lovely assembly halls, with sounds of Krauncha birds and peacocks, served by royal swans, looking as though flying toward the sky, with auspicious houses resounding everywhere. I am very curious to see them. My arrival here is indeed to see Lanka's gardens, parks, forests and important houses all over."

Propective Visitors:

Wish we could talk like hanuma.Instead we answered...

Our son is inviting us.

He is sponsoring us.

America is such a beautiful country.It has so many wonderful places like Niagara Falls,Grand Canyon,Disney Land,Hollywood Studios.We are going to see all of them.We are also going to visit NY and see the statue of liberty.

10000 BC

Listening to Hanuma's words, Lanka with the ability to assume desired form, spoke harsh words stronger than before. "O lowly Vanara with an evil mind! It is not possible for you to see this city ruled by king of rakshasas, without first defeating me."


How much do you earn?

How much worth of properties do you have?

10000 BC

Then that tiger among Vanaras Hanuma spoke to that demon: "O auspicious one! After seeing this city I will return back again to where I came from."

Propective Visitors:

I am a government employee.I own a house in hyderabad and i have some agricultural fields back home.Here are the documents.

How many children do you have?

All i have is one ( now you better give me the visa as i dont have an other option)

10000 BC

Thereafter that Lanka made a great sound causing terror and hit Hanuma, the best among Vanaras, with her palm quickly. Then that tiger among Vanaras, the powerful son of Vayu, being hit powerfully by Lanka made a great sound. Hanuma became dizzy with anger and folded his fingers of left hand. He then hit her with His fist. "She is a woman" - thinking thus He did not show much anger by Himself. That demon fell on land immediately by that hit with a distressed body and appeared with a horrific face. Then the intellectual and glorious Hanuma saw her fallen down and thinking her to be woman, showed kindness. Lanka being very gloomy spoke with a flattering tone without pride these words to Hanuma the Vanara.

"O long armed one! O best among Vanaras! Get propitiated and protect me.I am defeated by your strength.Enter the auspicious city of Lanka stuck by the curse, ruled by the king of Rakshasas, roam everywhere and search for the chaste wife Seetha according to your comfort."

Can we do that with the embassy officer.Its true that they are doing their job.But sometimes god alone knows why they reject/issue a visa with out any reason....

Visitors Get the Visa!!.